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Peter Parker • Geek Of The Month #4

Peter Parker, Spiderman

Who doesn’t know about Peter Parker? The Marvel comic hero who always “tried to get pictures of spiderman” in his life. Jokes apart, Spiderman is a fictional superhero written and created by Stan Lee along with his writer-artist Steve Ditko. In this month’s “Geek of the Month”, we will talk about the same person.
In the intro itself, there was a small little fact that many people are not aware of. Most of you might be knowing about Stan lee but did you know about the writer-artist Steve? We bet most of you didn’t.
Let’s talk more about the Amazing Spiderman.


◼️ First Appearance

We won’t directly jump into the movies because everybody knows about the first appearance in the movies, right? But, did you know about the first appearance in the conic?

He first appeared in the comic book called Anthology comic book called “Amazing Fantasy #15”. Of course, 15 is the number here. The comic was released and published bac in August 1962. That was the time when comics books were a lot more popular. Comics were so much popular that people often called it the silver age of comics books.

Many comics are coming which introduced new storyline. As people loved Marvel Comics, Spiderman was a hit. People loved spiderman.


◼️ Who is Peter Parker?

For the people who don’t know about Peter (well, there would be very few who don’t know), Peter Parker is the original name of the spiderman in the comics. He was an orphan raised by his uncle and aunt. His uncle's name was Ben and the name of his aunty was May. His parents died in a plane crash. The name of the parents was Richard and Mary.


◼️ How Peter Became Spiderman?

He was a human mutate. The story goes something like this. He was bitten by a spider. At first, he thought it was a normal spider but it was a radioactive spider. This happened when he was at a science exhibit.

Thereafter, he got all the strengths of arachnid. There were many good abilities like he could adhere to walls and roofs. This is how the name “spiderman” came into the picture. He gets the spiderman costume thereafter.

Thereafter, he develops his gadget which makes him give adhesive. Many people thought that this ability came directly from the spider, right? Well, that was not the case, the gadget was made by himself.

This is how the great spiderman starts which is still going and will continue in the future too.


◼️ The ability of the Geek

You probably might be wondering or might want to count all his abilities, right? Here is the complete list of all the abilities he has.

  • He has superhuman strength such as speed, agility, balance, reflexes, and coordination
  • Faster healing
  • Spider-sense ability (precognitive)
  • Ability to cling to any surface which is solid
  • He can use wrist-mounted web-shooters too
  • Genius level intellect is another great ability he has


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