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Milhouse • Geek Of The Month #3

Milhouse, The Simpsons

If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you surely might be knowing Milhouse Van Houten. He is a recurring character seen in the widely popular TV show The Simpsons. The main voice behind Milhouse is Pamela Hayden and is created BY Matt Groening. They named it Milhouse after the president Matt Groening. The name is by the middle name of the person. In this month’s Geek of the Month, we will see some of the great information about the same character.


◼️ In the Show

Let’s first see how the character enhanced the show. With the catchphrase “Sorry, Bart!”, the character is Bart Simpson’s best friend. The situation takes place in the fourth grade when they are studying in Springfield Elementary school.

The Milhouse’s character is shown as insecure, gullible, and a bit less popular as compared to Bart. Being with the same kind of person, he is often led into trouble. Of course, the main reason behind the trouble is Bart. As Milhouse is naïve, Bart takes advantage of him.

Due to the same characteristics, he is often targeted by bullies. The interest parts get because he has a crush on Bart’s sister. This makes the show more interesting. The name of his crush and Bart's sister is Lisa. In many episodes, this is the main plot of the show.


◼️ Appearance

With the things you are reading, you surely might be wondering about the appearance of the person. Milhouse is nearsighted and that’s why he wears glass. The color of the glasses is red. Like most Caucasians, the geek has a yellow color. However, he has got blue hair. He usually wears a purple color t-shirt, red shorts, and he has got some matching shoes with the color of his shorts.

As most of the Caucasians in the series have not got eyebrows, our geek of the month is one of the few characters that has eyebrows.

 Milhouse Van Houten family

◼️Catchphrase & Notable Phrases

Now, if you have not yet watched The Simpsons, you will see these phrases repeated several times by our geek of the month.

Milhouse often uses these catchphrases during the show.

  • Sorry, Bart. This is the catchphrase.
  • My, Glasses! Usually speaks when Millhouse is hurt
  • One another catchphrase

Now, we will see some of the notable dialogues.

  • Hey Bart, want to trade lunches? This was the phrase in the Butterfinger Commercial.
  • Wow, Get a load of that quote on quote “Santa”. This was the first dialogue.
  • The House Always Win
  • What a Rad. This was the raging dialogue when he lost.
  • Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! When he makes a mistake.


◼️ Final Words

To summarize, this was all about Milhouse from The Simpsons. If you have not watched Simpsons, you should surely do. This is one of the best shows ever. You will surely find Milhouse’s character interesting. Don’t forget to remember our article when you hear one of his notable dialogues. That’s it for this month’s geek of the month. Don’t forget to check out next month’s geek of the month.


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