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Aziz Ansari • Geek Of The Month #2

Aziz Ansari, Comedian

aziz ansari
Aziz Ansari is an American actor, writer, director, producer, and also a comedian. Aziz is our Geek of the Month this time. His career consists of many ups and downs across different sectors such as writing, acting, and comedy.
The main focus of Aziz was stand-up comedy. The genre included observational comedy, surreal humor, satire, and blue comedy.
Talking about acting, the geek is mostly famous for the role of Tom Haverford which was on the NBC series. Many people know HK for the various types of comedy he did at the start of his career. He got various awards and recognition for many things including but not limited to a Golden Globe award and two Emmys awards.


◼️ Early Life

He was born on Feb 23rd, 1983 in the city of Columbia in South Carolina. It was a Tamil Muslim family in Tamil Nadu. He grew up in Bennettsville. The education was done is Marlboro academy and Government school for science and math.

That was about his school life, his graduation was done in the New York University Ste School of Business. This was the year 2004 when he graduated.


◼️ Career

His career consisted of many things. His early career was mostly on comedies and television films. Some of the notable work done by him includes Human Giant, Parks and Recreation, Master of None, and many others.

At first, he accepted many television works where he could make his performance. He appears in one of HBO’s series which was Fight of the Conchords. It was a short role where he played a fruit vendor. His lines were to tell the difference between Australians and New Zealand.

After appearing on various televisions, he started appearing in the movies. His film career has many notable films that you might have known. Some of the well-known films of Ansari include Get Him of the Green, 30 Minutes or Less, and many similar movies.

Other than movies, he also did various tours for stand-up comedy shows. One of his tours became a special show for Comedy Central. It was when Ansari was on the Glow in the Dark tour which was for one of his stand-up comedies.

Being a geek, he didn’t stop after that. His standup comedy was all about his life experience. He said the same thing in one of the interviews. He shared his personal experiences in stand-up comedy. That was the reason why all of his stand-up comedy shows were unique and original. People always love listening to him about his experiences.

Along with this, his writing was also quite good. His book got a lot of appreciation from many famous people. It was written with Eric Klinenberg and was all about dating in the current modern world.

 aziz ansari netflix awards

◼️ Awards and Nominations

Ge started performing in the Theatre. At first, he was Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He was there in the weekly shows including Invite Them Up. After a little struggle, he got in Rolling Stone’s Hot List. The list was about the comedians.

His early career was also as a stand-up comedian. His first comedy special was Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening. In the same way, he also wrote his book “Modern Romance: an Investigation”. It was way after his first show. The book was released in 2005. Due to all these, he was added to the most influential people in the 2016 list by Time 100.

These were some of the best days of his life. Did we mention that he was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album? His comedy genre was liked y many people whereas some people didn’t like it. He won the jury award for the best Standup. This was in HBO back in 2006 before he was nominated for the Grammy.

Throughout his career, he got nominated for various awards. He won many of them. In 2014, he won the Variety Power of Comedy Award. In the next year, he got nominations in some of them but didn’t win any. However, in the next 2 years that is in 2016 and 2017, he won 5 awards. Recently, in 2020, he also got one of the nominations.

Most of the awards are for stand-up comedy and less for the films. However, we can’t say that there are no nominations for that. Ansari has a great grip when it comes to stand-up comedy.


◼️ Uniqueness

Let’s talk about some of the things that make him the Geek of the Month.

He was the first Asian American guy who won the Golden Globe award for the best actor. It was in the comedy as we mentioned. He majored in marketing Unlike many other actors, he didn’t leave the college and completed the graduation before jumping into the comedy and film industry.

The next thing is all about comedy. The way he does comedy is very unique. Today, most comedians share the same theme. However, back in the time, few comedians uniquely shared their personal life as Ansari does.

He was brought up as a Muslim. However, as per his Twitter bio, he isn’t religious.  

Many people didn’t like the blue comedy he did. However, as it was his passion, he continued to do so.


◼️ Personal Life

While we are talking about the geek of the month, let’s have a sneak peek into the personal life of Aziz Ansari.

Like we mentioned earlier, he is not a religious guy. He is a feminist. According to him, his girlfriend influenced him a lot in being that. He even mentioned the same thing in one of the episodes of Master of None.

He likes eating food but hates the word “foodie”. Aziz with his two friends Eric and Jason have formed “The Food Club”. They even rewarded restaurants with plaques of “Food Club”. However, he still doesn't like the word “foodie”. This is the reason why Aziz is an amazing geek.

Aziz also did a music video with Jay Z and Kayne West. The song's name was “Otis”.

aziz ansari - master of none - netflix


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